With warmer weather approaching, lacing up the tennis shoes and getting outside for a run is a
breath of fresh air. This can spark road races to become a goal for many. Bodyworks Physical Therapy is
ready to help you get to that finish line strong and injury free.

Tips to Get to the Finish Line of a Race Injury Free

Increase Mileage Gradually

Slowly increasing mileage is key in preventing injury. If just starting out in the running realm, a
run-walk program may be best to ensure a gradual build-up. The general rule of thumb is to not
increase your mileage by greater than 10% per week.

Listen To Your Body

“No pain no gain” isn’t the best strategy when training for an upcoming race. This mindset can
lead to injuries if not in tune with your body. Rest days aren’t a bad thing as these are days that
allow your body to recover. The general rule of thumb is 80% of training is at a lower intensity and
20% of runs at moderate/higher intensity.

Incorporate strength training

This can help in improving form with running. Building strength can help your body tolerate the
repetitive motion that is completed during a run. In turn, you may see your running pace
improve as your body becomes stronger and increased endurance is achieved. This can help
improve overall performance.

Mobility Routine

Mobility work can be a helpful tool to ensure your muscles/joints are able to go through a full
stride efficiently. This can be completed pre/post-run. Pre-run should be more focused on
the dynamic warm-up. Save the static stretching for post-run.

Proper Shoewear

Making sure you have quality shoewear can ensure you are able to tolerate training with fewer
aches and pains. No different than when driving a car you want to make sure you have good
tires. The same goes in regard to running shoes. A running store in the area is a good place to
start for proper fitting and selection.

Most importantly enjoy the process! Find a running buddy!

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, Bodyworks Physical Therapy can help you achieve your goals. Book your appointment today and start your journey to injury-free running!