Neck Pain Relief

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

Are you experiencing neck pain? Look no further than Bodyworks Physical Therapy. Neck pain is one of the primary reasons why patients seek our specialized physical therapy services.

Our team of highly trained therapists dedicates themselves to providing successful rehabilitation for various spinal disorders. We focus on accurately assessing the underlying problem and tailoring individualized treatment programs to address your unique needs. Our approach emphasizes education and prevention to minimize the chances of future injury.

At Bodyworks Physical Therapy, we take pride in our expertise in a wide range of techniques. Our therapists have received extensive training in manual therapy, spinal stabilization techniques, and the renowned McKenzie Method. With this diverse skill set, we can effectively treat a variety of conditions.

Neck Pain

Experience relief from neck pain and regain your mobility with Bodyworks Physical Therapy. Our skilled therapists specialize in addressing neck pain through personalized treatment plans. Utilizing a combination of targeted techniques and exercises, we aim to alleviate discomfort and improve your range of motion.


We offer comprehensive headache treatment aimed at providing relief and improving your overall well-being. Our experienced therapists conduct thorough evaluations to identify underlying causes and create personalized treatment plans. We use manual therapy, exercises, and other modalities to treat headaches and relieve pain effectively by addressing the main causes. Our goal is to equip you with strategies to prevent future occurrences and enhance your quality of life.

Whiplash Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’ve experienced whiplash due to a motor vehicle accident, our skilled therapists specialize in providing effective rehabilitation tailored to your needs. With a comprehensive approach that includes assessment, manual therapy, targeted exercises, and pain management techniques, we aim to restore your well-being and help you regain a pain-free life. Trust our expertise in whiplash rehabilitation to guide you toward a full recovery and the quality of life you deserve.

Find Neck Pain Relief

We aim to assist you in recovering quickly and returning to your active lifestyle at Bodyworks Physical Therapy. Our goal is to minimize your downtime and get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Benefit from our exceptional care and specialized treatment techniques to regain your health and well-being.

Also Experiencing Back Pain?

It’s not uncommon for individuals experiencing neck pain to also suffer from back pain, and vice versa. The spine is a complex structure composed of vertebrae, discs, nerves, and muscles, all of which work together to support the body and facilitate movement. Therefore, issues in one area of the spine can often lead to symptoms in another area.

At Bodyworks Physical Therapy, our holistic approach to treating neck and back pain takes into account the interconnected nature of these conditions. Our therapists carefully assess your symptoms, posture, and movement patterns to identify contributing factors and develop targeted treatment plans. By addressing both the symptoms and underlying causes of your discomfort, we can help you achieve lasting relief and improved function. Learn more about our back pain relief services.

At Bodyworks Physical Therapy, Relief is Right Here.

Several weeks ago I woke up with terrible pain and inability to move my neck and right arm. I immediately knew I had to call Bodyworks because of the wonderful success I’ve had with them over the years. For the last ten weeks I have been working with Anna, and I can’t say enough about her. Her professionalism, determination, and expertise in her field of PT is amazing. I am now on the mend and I am so grateful for all the knowledge and support they’ve given me on this journey. Don’t hesitate! Call Bodyworks today! You will be glad that you did!

- Pat Devine

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