People who exercise regularly can agree that a certain level of discomfort is appropriate and necessary when training toward one’s fitness goals. This being said, there might be times you find yourself asking questions like this:

  • Has my discomfort turned into pain that impacts my daily life? 
  • Will this pain go away on its own? 
  • Will I benefit from receiving physical help? 
  • What does physical help look like?

Exercise is a powerful drug that has been proven to prevent many diseases, increase longevity of life, and improve quality of life. Just like any other drug, proper dosage is necessary to avoid adverse side effects. Exercising with too much frequency, too high intensity, or progressing too quickly are all ways to develop pain or injury when exercising. 

Suppose the pain is consistently occurring during the same movement, exercise, or weightlifting exercise. In that case, it may be time for a consult on your form, mechanics, technique, or any possible muscle imbalances you may be experiencing. No one needs to experience pain while living an active and healthy lifestyle.   

Bodyworks Physical Therapy wants you to continue exercising the way that you enjoy most. Schedule an appointment today if you find yourself having pain during exercise or daily activities!