Answers to Frequently Asked Questions at Bodyworks Physical Therapy

At Bodyworks Physical Therapy, we understand that you may be in unfamiliar territory when it comes to understanding medical care. We make every effort to guide you through the process of obtaining a MD prescription for physical therapy if needed, verifying and billing your insurance, and most importantly guiding you through the rehabilitation process. As your choice provider for physical therapy, we let you focus on your recovery while we take care of the rest.

Q: Why should I see a physical therapist?

A: Injured and post-surgical patients are prescribed a course of physical therapy to restore them to good health and mobility. People seek physical therapists for various injuries including neck and back pain, joint pain, sports injuries, and balance to name a few. If you are unsure if physical therapy will help you, please call our office at (701)893-BODY and ask to speak with a physical therapist.

Q: I have been to a physical therapist before and I did not get any better, how is Bodyworks Physical Therapy different?

A: At Bodyworks Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on taking the time to perform a thorough history and evaluation in order to treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. We do not rely on heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation as other clinics might. At Bodyworks Physical Therapy, you will be treated one-on-one by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, not a PT Assistant or an aide. Your physical therapist will work with you to determine the most effective combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise to help you return to your optimal level of function as quickly as possible. Additionally, you will not have to wait 2-3 weeks for your first visit. We guarantee we will get you in sooner for your first visit than any other clinic. Bodyworks Physical Therapy. Relief is Right Here.

Q: What should I bring to my first visit?

A: For your first appointment, please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out our Registration and HIPPA forms or print them from our FORMS page at home and bring them with you. Also please bring your insurance card so that we may scan it into our system, a list of your current medications, and any recent imaging (X-ray or MRI reports) that you have had. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. If this is not an option, we always have shorts, yoga pants, and gown shirts to change into here at Bodyworks Physical Therapy.

Q: How often will I come back to physical therapy?

A: The frequency of your sessions depends on your situation and is determined after your initial evaluation with the physical therapist. Generally speaking, you could expect to come to physical therapy 2 times a week for 3-4 weeks.

Q: How should I prepare for an aquatic therapy visit?

A:  Please arrive 10 min before your scheduled appointment and be dressed and ready to go. We will offer the restroom before your session begins.  Prior to appointment, you must be showered or rinsed off—no lotions or perfumes.  You may wear swim shorts, swimsuits, dry-fit shirts, or running shorts in the aquatic therapy unit – no cotton materials. Bring clothes to change into after your aquatic session. We will provide you with a towel to use after your session.  The aquatic therapy unit uses bromine which is gentler on the skin compared to chlorine but we still recommend rinsing off when you get home.

Q: Do I need to be referred by my doctor to go to physical therapy?

A: Whether or not you need a referral to go to physical therapy depends on your insurance plan. Many commercial insurance carriers do not require referrals for PT, but Medicare does. You can either contact your insurance company to ask them if a referral from an MD is required prior to scheduling your appointment or simply call us at (701) 893-2639 and we are happy contact your insurance company on your behalf.

Q: What insurances do you accept?

A: We accept most major insurance plans including Sanford, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Medica, Cigna, Worker’s Compensation and more. Please call us at (701) 893-2639 regarding any insurance questions you may have.