Flywheel Training

We are proud to now offer Flywheel Training at Bodyworks Physical Therapy. Flywheels are disc-based machines that spin to provide resistance. They use inertia, or energy that you produce, to provide resistance. As a result, you can vary your effort level during a repetition without having to change weights or bands. Flywheel training is suitable for all types of resistance training from rehabilitation to heavy strength training. There is no maximum resistance, so the sky is the limit with regards to how much strength you can build.

Our Flywheel system was designed and built-in Sweden, and we have both a platform and a pulley option for upper body and lower body strengthening.  It has countless applications; from hip and knee weakness to rotator cuff strengthening to sports-specific rehabilitation like increasing hip, core, and shoulder strength in the golf swing. We typically incorporate Flywheel Training right into our treatment session with patients that it is appropriate for.  If you have any questions about Flywheel training, contact us at Bodyworks Physical Therapy and talk to one of our Physical Therapists!

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