Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Understanding Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Discover the transformative effects of Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR), a physical therapy treatment designed to revolutionize your approach to muscle development and rehabilitation. At Bodyworks Physical Therapy, we are committed to providing you with a thorough understanding of BFR and delivering personalized care to help you achieve optimal results.

How Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Works

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy or “BFR” is a physical therapy treatment that restricts blood flow to a muscle. In BFR, the physical therapist applies a device, similar to a blood pressure cuff or tourniquet, to safely partially compress the blood vessels underneath.

The therapist determines the amount of pressure to use: enough pressure to completely restrict the venous blood flow (blood leaving the muscle) while allowing arterial blood flow (blood going into the muscle). By doing this, a low oxygen environment is created in the muscle which begins a cascade of events leading to an increase in growth hormones, muscle size, and muscle strength.

During BFR therapy, a patient exercises with the BFR device on the arm or leg, typically doing high repetitions of a particular exercise using light weights.  This allows the patient to receive the benefits of heavy lifting without placing unnecessary stress on the limb or tissues that might be healing from a recent injury or surgery.


Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

  • Increased strength faster than traditional strength training
  • Increased size of muscle
  • Increased aerobic capacity
  • Maintain muscle mass during periods of disuse (after surgery or injury)
  • Increased bone density

Why Choose Bodyworks Physical Therapy for BFR

At Bodyworks Physical Therapy, our dedicated team of physical therapists is committed to empowering you on your health and wellness journey. Our experts will assess your unique needs and guide you in determining if Blood Flow Restriction Therapy is the right fit for you. Trust us to deliver personalized care, unlocking the full potential of BFR for unparalleled results. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and explore the possibilities of a stronger, healthier you.

I have been going to Bodyworks for over 2 years due to a neurological condition. Nicole Jefferson is my PT and I love how she tries new things on me to improve my strength. Last week we tried BFR for my legs. I loved it!!!! I felt a difference the 1st day! Some exercises are hard for me and BFR was easy and very helpful! Thanks, Nicole! Excited to go back and do more.

- Brenda Lewis

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