Static and dynamic stretching are both forms of flexibility and mobility exercises. However, these two methods of stretching differ in their approach to improving flexibility and mobility.

Static stretching consists of holding a pose (ex. touching your toes) for a sustained period of time between 30 and 60 seconds. This type of stretching is ideal for improving range of motion and flexibility in specific muscle groups. 

On the other hand, Dynamic stretching is more focused on movement through full range of motion (ex. walking lunges). Dynamic stretching utilizes specific movement patterns, making it an ideal warm-up technique before intense workouts.

While static and dynamic stretching are both used to increase flexibility, both have optimal times to perform throughout workout sessions to maximize performance and reduce injuries. Dynamic stretching is best used prior to the intense portion of the workout because you are priming muscles to perform explosive and powerful motions by rehearsing the movement pattern. In contrast, static stretching is less advised before workouts on cold muscles because it will reduce your power output during exercise. Static stretching is best utilized on warm muscles so after the workout to return muscles to pre-exercise length. This method of stretching will help to prevent injuries in the future.

Ultimately, while both static and dynamic stretching are effective in increasing flexibility and mobility, they are best utilized at specific times during a workout session. Incorporating both types of stretching into your workout routine can help you achieve your fitness goals and reduce the risk of injury.

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