It is estimated that 50-70% of pregnant women will experience back pain of some sort. As Physical Therapists, we would add hip pain, neck pain and pelvic pain to this list of symptoms. 

Often these symptoms are caused by one or a combination of the following reasons: 

1) Increase in hormones

2) Change in her body’s center of gravity and baby grows

3) Gaining additional weight the body is unaccustomed to

4) Added stress

5) Change in postural alignment. 

Unfortunately, all too many times pregnant women are told it’s just part of the process.  While this may be true, there are things that can help reduce symptoms and improve her wellbeing and pregnancy experience.

Many of the factors stated above can be addressed with physical therapy.  Your individualized treatment plan will work towards improving postural alignment, muscle strength, and flexibility and minimizing symptoms.  Improving strength, especially in your hips, back and abdomen can help prepare the body for the demands of delivering the baby and may assist in reducing overall recovery time!