The 2020 hunting season is here.  As you gear up for your hunt, preparation typically includes things like getting the decoys field/water ready or siting in your rifles.  One thing many people don’t consider is if your body is ready for it. 

Here are just a few examples of things that could limit you from having a successful hunting season:

  • Does your low back tighten up or get sore when you drive for hours while scouting?
  • Will your knees be stable enough to trudge through muddy sloughs or hit the occasional gopher hole while walking a field?
  • Is your shoulder strong enough to draw back your compound bow?
  • If you hunt out west, will you have the endurance to hike the terrain for miles in the badlands then have enough strength to harvest your deer? Or do you have something that will limit you?  i.e. low back or mid back pain, hip pain, or knee pain.
  • Have you had an injury or a surgery in the past that could limit you?

If any of these strike a chord, we are here to help you make the most out of what’s been a tough 2020.

From us at Bodyworks Physical Therapy, have a fun & safe hunting season!