Looking to take your strength training to the next level? Enter the Flywheel machine—a remarkable piece of exercise equipment that combines eccentric and concentric training with rotational forces. By winding up a wheel with a strap and attaching weights, this unique contraption leverages the force you exert to generate an opposing motion, demanding precise control for improved stability.

While the Flywheel machine itself offers a dynamic workout experience, did you know that it can also be used for five common exercises? Let’s explore these exercises and how they can help enhance your overall function and stability, particularly as you engage in summer activities like golfing, water sports, or gardening.


 A fundamental exercise for strengthening the lower body, the Flywheel squat challenges your leg muscles while engaging your core for balance and stability.

Scapular Row

 Targeting the muscles of your upper back, this exercise promotes good posture and shoulder stability. By pulling the Flywheel towards you, you’ll engage your back muscles while maintaining control throughout the movement.

Bilateral Shoulder Extension

Strengthening the muscles at the back of your shoulders, this exercise helps improve your posture and upper body strength. The Flywheel machine allows you to control the resistance as you extend your arms backward, enhancing both muscle activation and stability.

Chest Press

Focusing on the muscles of your chest, shoulders, and triceps, the Flywheel chest press provides a challenging upper body workout. By pushing against the resistance, you’ll enhance your pressing strength while engaging your core for stability.

Hip Abduction

Targeting the muscles of your hips and glutes, this exercise is essential for improving lower body stability and functionality. The Flywheel machine allows for controlled and efficient hip abduction movements, helping to strengthen these vital muscle groups.

By incorporating these five exercises into your routine, you’ll effectively strengthen major muscle groups, preparing your body to tackle any challenges life throws your way. Remember to maintain consistent breathing throughout each exercise to avoid spikes in blood pressure. And keep in mind that building strength takes time—perform these exercises 2-3 times per week for 4-6 weeks to witness noticeable changes in your overall strength.

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