MRI’s and X-rays can be very beneficial in identifying problems when patients are having pain, but what if they don’t find anything? Where is the pain coming from?  You might wonder, is it all in my head or is something really wrong?  Is what they found actually the thing that’s causing my pain?  So they found degenerative changes or arthritis…What now?  Do I just have to live with it the rest of my life?

In reality, you are more than just an image on a screen.  Your body is complex, dynamic, and unique.  As a result, you require a detailed and exhaustive examination to determine sources of pain.  My point here is not to devalue the importance of imaging, because it can be necessary and clinically helpful.  Rather, my point is to highlight how dynamic and complex our bodies really are.

Just because you have some wear and tear or an injury, it doesn’t leave you destined for surgery or to live out our lives in pain.  You have the ability to get stronger, improve your mobility, be more flexible or increase your range of motion, and ultimately…do the things that bring you joy and happiness.

Yes, that does mean we have to dedicate some time and effort into our bodies.  We put our bodies through a lot and just like our vehicles, we need to do some maintenance every once and a while to keep them on the road!