Nope, the tendon is not a bone! It is a thick, fibrous cord that attaches muscle to bone. Tendinitis can occur in any muscle of the body and is usually associated with overuse such as with a sport, hobbies or repetitive work movements, causing inflammation or irritation of a tendon. Some of the common names for tendinitis problems you may have heard of are: Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Pitcher’s shoulder, Swimmer’s shoulder, or Jumper’s knee. Symptoms often include mild swelling and pain, which is typically described as a dull ache and tenderness.

To help reduce your chances of developing tendinitis, try the following suggestions: ice, stretch, use proper workplace ergonomics, strengthen the muscles that are used in the particular activity that is causing you discomfort, and cross-train to reduce repetitive strain on the same muscles (ex: swimming, biking, running, etc). However, if your signs and symptoms persist, our Physical Therapists at Bodyworks have the knowledge and tools to get you back to pain-free sports/hobbies/repetitive work movements.